If you want to pursue studies abroad in the fields of IT and digital , then this article should be of interest to you. In France , Campus Cyber, an ecosystem dedicated to cybersecurity  (cybersecurity) , will open its doors very soon. The aim is to ensure digital security at the international level and to fight effectively against cybercrime . Several schools are also present. Zoom.

Campus Cyber, an ecosystem dedicated to cybersecurity

For those who are interested in the fields of cybersecurity  (cybersecurity) and Big Data and who plan to pursue studies abroad , know that in France , the Cyber ​​Campus is opening its doors soon. Located in the district of La Défense, near Paris , it is a place that brings together the main players in digital security , such as companies , large groups, multinationals, SMEs, training organizations, associations, schools of engineers , business schools and other establishments .Four French higher education institutions are participating in the project: the EFREI Paris engineering schools, a private engineering school specializing in computer science , EPITA , another computer engineering school, ESILV-Ecole Supérieure d’Ingenieurs Léonard de Vinci , a general engineering school and the Galileo Global Education Group . It is an organization specializing in higher education, a world leader in education in the fields of innovation, creativity, the arts, design, fashion , management and education. online. Galileo Global Education brings together 54 reference schools on 91 campusesin 13 countries around the world . Its network includes pillars of excellence and prestigious schools in education, such as the Paris School of Business ( PSB ), Cours Florent, Penninghen, Strate and Atelier de Sèvres in France, the Instituto de Universitario in Mexico, Macromedia University in Germany and Istituto Marangoni in Italy . The objective of Campus Cyber ​​is to strengthen the link between training and professionalization , so that students are as close as possible to the job market so as to obtain a successful professional integration .

Cyber ​​Campus

The Cyber ​​Campus is based on four orientations:

Operations : promote the sharing of massive data, Big Data , in order to strengthen everyone’s ability to control digital risk (detection, monitoring capabilities, incident response, pooling of knowledge on the threat)

Training : support the initial and continuous training of different audiences (State officials, employees, students, personnel in retraining, etc.) in order to promote an increase in the overall skills of the ecosystem (joint programs, sharing of resources)

Innovation : developing synergies between public and private players (industrialists, start-ups and research centres) to guide technological innovation and strengthen its integration into the economic fabric

Animation : offering an open, lively place dedicated to the programming of innovative events, conducive to exchanges and the discovery of developments (conferences, webinars , showrooms, jobdating, etc.)

Apart from engineering schools , there are also other shorter courses dedicated to this field. For those who wish to pursue studies in France , this is the case of the Cyberdefense BTS offered at the military school of Saint-Cyr. As well as there is a  Cybersecurity BTS at Guardia School . The establishment trains in the various cybersecurity professions , which will be expected to develop considerably in the coming years: Security project manager , Security solutions developer, Cybersecurity threat analyst, Cybersecurity engineer, SOC (Security Operation Center) manager, Security solutions integrator.Let’s take a closer look at the profession of security solutions developer . He designs and develops programs, software and applications that resist attacks at all levels (interface, design, source code). He anticipates since he intervenes upstream of the design of security solutions and also manages the maintenance part, the tests and the controls so that the latter always integrate in their development the security dimension in the face of threats and vulnerabilities. As for the profession of cybersecurity engineer (cybersecurity), he is in charge of analyzing and dealing with intrusion threats targeting the company’s computer system. This computer security professionaldefines the action plans necessary to correct or anticipate computer threats.

Missions of the cybersecurity engineer (cybersecurity)

The job of computer security engineer , also called computer systems security expert, web security engineer or even cybersecurity engineer, generally consists of ensuring the security of the computer systems of his own company or that in which he operates – and to track possible faults on the internal and external networks. The cybersecurity engineer must prevent intrusions in order to prevent hackers from exploiting a flaw in the company’s network architecture. Finally, the profession of Security Solutions Integrator consists of actively participating in the design and integration of the IT solution. best suited to the company ‘s system architecture.Thus, the role of the security solutions integrator is to protect networks, but also data and computer access. Great prospects for lovers of new technologies…